Monday, 24 February 2014


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The Rainbow Way
Daniel Wright blogs about the beauty of transport. In his post for 23 October 2013, he looked at the use of the rainbow in transport.

There are rainbow bridges in Shanghai, Arizona and Tokyo, rainbow trams in Angers, and rainbow buses in Honolulu and Beeston. One and First Capital Connect have used the rainbow on their trains. Not to mention rainbow pedestrian crossings in Sydney and Utecht.

An Alstom Citadis tram in Angers, near Terra Botanica tram stop

Over the rainbow
In November 2013, The Guardian website published are article called Over the rainbow: what is it like to be gay around the world?

Against the background of Russia introducing its now notorious anti-gay law, while Britain was bringing in equal marriage, this piece looks at what it is like to be gay around the world in 2013. 28 men and women from Afghanistan to Uruguay talk about love, the law and coming out to your mum.

As an introduction, Russian writer Masha Gessen explained why she, her girlfriend and their three children were preparing to leave their homeland.

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