Friday, 6 February 2015

LGBT Titbits - The Presentation

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Last night (5th February), I gave a public presentation at Sutton Central Library (, based on the exhibition posters I created for Sutton LGBT Forum.
(For the posters, see

During the presentation, I promised to make the slides and my presentation notes available. Please feel free to make use of them, if you wish. (NB: I have linked to PDF versions of the material, if you would prefer the original PowerPoint/Word files, just contact me at the email address given in the blog's header.)

LGBT Titbits - Presentation slides

LGBT Titbits - Presenter's notes

We also marked the recent Royal Pardon for Alan Turing with an extra poster:
The BBC article linked at the foot of the poster itself includes a link to the petition demanding a pardon for the estimated 49,000 gay men convicted under the same legislation as Turing.


Sutton LGBT Forum has a 12 day guest pass for a local Nuffield Health gym (worth over £100) to give to the person who can answer five questions based on the exhibition posters. The questions are here:
You can email your answers to the forum at

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LGBT History Month logo for 2015

LGBT Titbits

Sutton LGBT Forum logo
In celebration of LGBT History Month, Sutton LGBT Forum asked me to prepare some exhibition posters for display in all the libraries of the London Borough of Sutton.

For details of the location and opening times of Sutton's libraries:

Doing my best to cover the LGBT range of interests, and with the help of Sutton LGBT Forum board member Louise Kelly, I produced these five sets of posters:

L - Behind Secret Doors

G - The Pink Triangle

G - The Lost Language of Polari

B - Bi Screen Goddesses

T - Roberta Cowell

Please feel free to use them (or not), if you wish.

These posters will be exhibited in Sutton's libraries throughout February, accompanied by a selection of books either by LGBT authors or on LGBT subjects.

I have heard that Farnham Library has put on a small exhibition too.

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LGBT History Month logo for 2015