Friday, 6 February 2015

LGBT Titbits - The Presentation

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Last night (5th February), I gave a public presentation at Sutton Central Library (, based on the exhibition posters I created for Sutton LGBT Forum.
(For the posters, see

During the presentation, I promised to make the slides and my presentation notes available. Please feel free to make use of them, if you wish. (NB: I have linked to PDF versions of the material, if you would prefer the original PowerPoint/Word files, just contact me at the email address given in the blog's header.)

LGBT Titbits - Presentation slides

LGBT Titbits - Presenter's notes

We also marked the recent Royal Pardon for Alan Turing with an extra poster:
The BBC article linked at the foot of the poster itself includes a link to the petition demanding a pardon for the estimated 49,000 gay men convicted under the same legislation as Turing.


Sutton LGBT Forum has a 12 day guest pass for a local Nuffield Health gym (worth over £100) to give to the person who can answer five questions based on the exhibition posters. The questions are here:
You can email your answers to the forum at

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