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LGBT Resources

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LGBT Resources in Archives, Libraries and Museums

Around the country, archives and museums are gathering, researching, expanding and promoting LGBT collections.

Below are a selection of archives, libraries, museums and groups with relevant collections. Some have also produced guidance to assist researchers, which you can find on their websites.

This list is non-exhaustive and ever expanding and new additions are always welcome. The National Register of Archives aims to record as many of these as possible to make research in the area easier. Please send any contributions to

British Library

British Museum

Gay Birmingham Remembered

GEM - Gay East Midland Magazine Archive

Glasgow Women's Library

Greater Manchester County Record Office

Hall-Carpenter Archives at LSE Library

King's College, Cambridge

Lancashire Archives

Lesbian and Gay Newsmedia Archive (LAGNA)

London Metropolitan Archives

Nottinghamshire's Rainbow Heritage

Oldham Local Studies and Archives

OurStory Scotland

Outstories Bristol

Pride in our past, Plymouth

Queerupnorth archives

Tameside Local Studies and Archives Centre

The Feminist Archive

The Feminist Library

The Labour History Archive and Study Centre

The Lesbian and Gay Foundation

The National Archives

The Women's Library, London

Wellcome Library

Working Class Movement Library

Searching the

nation’s archives for

our hidden history


Since the 2013 edition was published, a friend found an early version of the 2007 edition of Past2Present, which I was able to bring back almost to perfect condition. So now, here are the links to all past editions:-

Cover Past2Present 2007

NB: There was no edition of Past2Present in 2008.
Cover Past2Present 2009

Cover Past2Present 2010

Cover Past2Present 2011

Cover Past2Present 2012

Cover Past2Present 2013

And, in case you would like to download the PDF of this set of blogposts:
Cover Past2Present 2014

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