Thursday, 8 November 2012

New Hampshire makes electoral history

Another historical result in the US elections was rather overshadowed by the votes for marriage equality and the election of the first out gay Senator.

New Hampshire voted in its first openly transgender lawmaker. Stacie Laughton (photo above) won one of three seats in the State House of Representatives.

Her candidate biography is here:

UPDATED 28 November 2012
I'm saddened to have to report that Stacie Laughton has now resigned following revelations that she had a criminal past, which included serving time in prison for fraud.

UPDATED 2 January 2013
Sadly, following a time of uncertainty, Stacie finally decided not totry again to gain this seat and will wait for the legal issues mentioned in this article to resolve themselves.

Additionally, I found out that Stu Rasmussen, the first openly transgender mayor in the US, was re-elected to fifth term.

UPDATED 9th November 2012
I found another relevant electoral first. California's Mark Takano is first openly gay person of colour to be elected to US Congress.

Blogpost on Tammy Baldwin, Wisconsin's openly gay Sentaor:

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