Wednesday, 26 September 2012

October is LGBT History Month in the US

After a prolonged break, due to unfortunately having to go on holiday for three weeks in France (holiday photos here: - if you like to look at other people's holiday photos, that is), I thought I'd ease myself back into the blog gently.

Next month is when our cousins in the US celebrate LGBT History Month. In February, when we celebrate LGBT History Month here, they're celebrating Black History Month. Confused? Me too.

This link will take you to a thoughtful piece on the Sun-Sentinel site, which explains quite succinctly why it's important to celebrate the various History Months:,0,484107.story

Other links: - NB: The rather pretty badges for 2013 are already on sale. - The US site. - LGBT History Month Scotland. - LGBT History Month Norfolk. - A US site. - Part of the Birtish Museum's site. - the UK LGBT History Project.

By the way:
The LGBT History Month Pre-Launch event this year will be held at Bletchley Park, home of the codebreakers, on Thursday 15th November (all day). More info from the UK LGBT History Month site.

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