Monday 23 September 2013

Bi Visibilty Day - 23 September 2013

To celebrate Bi Visibility Day, as part of my contribution to reducing bi erasure....

There are a variety of lists of noted people who identify as bisexual:

Here, the Bisexual Index talks about why lists are probably best read with a little caution:

For Bi Visibility Day 2010, website After Ellen posted photographs of 'some of their favourite women who date both men and women':

The Bi Visibility Day web site:- - a Facebook page
and see also

Getting Bi in a Gay/Straight World
(A bisexual resource book on Flickr as a series of images.)

If you wonder why we need to celebrate bisexuality in its own right, perhaps you should read this:

Happy Bi Visibility Day
 to all Bi, Poly and Pan identified people
and to those who are attracted to more than one gender.


Bi the way:
The LGBT History Project is currently working on the 2014 edition of its annual magazine, Past2Present. As you may know, the theme for LGBT History Month 2014 is 'Music'. Any suggestions to help make sure we cover the 'B' properly will be gratefully received.

The 2013 edition of Past2Present can be downloaded from here:


Bi the way 2:
A report produced in 2012 by research group BiUK and published by the Open University, The Bisexual Report: Bisexual Inclusion in LGBT Equality and Diversity, offers an in-depth analysis of the present situation, along with useful suggestions for implementing improvements. These include: making specific reference to bisexuals in policy and decision-making, and recognising that using "gay" as shorthand for LGB in a sexual orientation strategy can give bisexual staff the impression that the policy or procedure isn't applicable to them.

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